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We're making hardwood look easy!  Step up to Rustic Floor Covering & Design Center where you'll not only find just the right color and species of wood, you'll take comfort in our 39 years of industry-leading service to builders, decorators and individual homeowners. This online "Hardwood Discovery Center" is a small sampling of some of our clients' favorite styles.


Cork flooring is the environmentally friendly choice in flooring. It made from the bark of the cork tree; the same tree can be harvested numerous times without cutting it down. Cork makes great flooring because it is sound absorbent, extremely durable and a great insulator!


Maple Hardwood

Maple Hardwood is a great match for any home décor. The close grain can be both straight or very decorative with a very even texture. If you like the durability of your baseball bat or butcher block, then you will love Maple Hardwood flooring! 


Hickory Hardwood

Hickory Hardwood is one of the strongest woods. It is very hard, dense and shock resistant. That is why it is used to make many golf club shafts and drumsticks. Hickory comes in a huge contrast of light and dark colors. Great for a dramatic, yet natural look!


Walnut Hardwood

Walnut Hardwood is an extremely versatile wood. It has been used for everything from trophies to tombstones. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous oil panting of John the Baptist was on Walnut Wood. Light exposure causes minimal color variation to Walnut Wood, unlike light’s exposure on some other woods. Walnut will naturally lighten over time.


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